Name: Alan Oh
Age: 18
School: NYP soon
Birthday: 22 jul 1991
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I'm Alan.
Basically,a guy who likes to hang out away from home.
Freedom is what I always wanted,& I got it.
-I think I am soft-hearted=D
-I am a guy who wasted 2 Yrs in edu just because I'm not matured enuough.
-I'm a crapper^^ CAll me a lamer if u wan^^
I hate pple who:
-Acts as if blahblahblah
-Scold me for nothing
-Liars strongly
I like pple who:
-Is funny
-Good hearted
N lastly, Alan will not Taste any Failures again! He is matured, n must be matured now. =D

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Went back to Beer belly yesterday... This time 3 pple only... me amos n jack...
more drunk... drank tiger... alot... will go back again soon...tsktsk

Alan at 5:29 PM

Monday, April 12, 2010

What a Night, full of surprises, laughter , adventure ....
Wanted to go to the clinic, bt when i look @ the bar...i dun wanna go laoya...
den We went to look for eskibar in boat quay, where the location is behind boat quay,beside raffles... search for an hour or so...when we were just like 5 shops away from the detination, we went the other wway=,= turned back n 'wtf', it was here... went in eskibar, disappointed, nt as expected... end up didnt drink dere... went beer belly...drink drank drunk... Shall go back to beer belly again soon...

Alan at 2:21 PM

Friday, April 9, 2010

This is top class Liverpool....superb teamwork...that beats all other clubs...
The best performance in this Liverpool 4-1 Benfica game.

This is Kuyt's hotspot for a Liverpool Corner kick...superb...

Lucas did a fair job with this little trick...not perfect...just lucky... He will get better as he's still young. =D
A perfect counter attack...Kuyt's the man.

plain luck...Well Liverpool is kind enuff to give u a consolation goal!
Torres as always...Magic...He's dangerous again!

Alan at 11:30 AM

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

woah, love the outings recently. =D Clubbing, kbox , movie as usual....
went clubbing for the first time last saturdae....10pm plus went in, no pple 1....wait...n finally see crowd getting more n more till the dj comes, i swear i kept looking out @ the dance floor....
urge to step me n jack went in
Feeling dat we hav nt drink enuff to dance, we went back n drank... den all of,drew,Jack,gene went in...kakaka....I'm quite lucky...tsktsk
My impression over dere is good....pple r frenly over dere...
So pple, join us, the more the merrier.rofl.
anyway, 3 gals crowd jus infront of me...
2 of dem got into the grinding game=,=
the other 1 was right infront of me....kakaka.... shall end here...

Kbox yesterdae waas fun.... Whose dere? 4 burners, in it was 2 du guis,jack n amos, 1 pai kia, melvin, and the everything noe little bit alan.... lololxxx.... tsktsk...
Wah, last 20min we shout till almost no voice=D....Nxt time we dun wn shout ler, but i noe, its a lie, cos we will surely shout 1....
N I tink i gt 3 videos on amos I ....?

Lastly, Looking forward to more clubbing...tsktsk.. nt jus clubbing larh jack... i also wan ice skating...So hope ah lao can plan asap....end liao...go post amos singing liao





Alan at 12:46 PM

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Woah, i'm starting to slack liaooo.... 2 straight dae off ... tsktsk... fridae asked pple take over me, sat cannt wake up... ^^ shiok bt @ the same time quite boring...
Nvm, Charlet coming..........ganbatte..... go dere crazy!

Dyed hair.... dark colour...cuz need cover white hair...
nxt time zai dye light light colour..woo...

Love is a strange thing^^


Alan at 7:53 PM

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Get the hell out of my sight, Bitch, Not even taking a look @ ur name!
Its the first time I called Some1 a bitch, n dat shows how much I'm disgusted by ur actions.
Well, if u noe who u r, get lost , or i curse u !@#$% upside down.
Well i hope dis is the first time i called some1 a bitch, n the last time...

ur realli a goddamn bitch, bt i'll still hope u'll change for the better, becos i believe pple do change overtime due to some circumstances. BUT, if u dun, den i noe the reason. Its either i judge wrongly on u , or , that ur frens r way too gd to u, to tell u dat ur a/an ....!@#$

A short post to vent my anger/fustration/idk =D

Alan at 2:38 AM

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yes! fridae sat n sundae is my slack day! hope everywk same pattern...
Hmmm. anyway,to Cathryn, I'm lazy to take a photo of dat uniform on me, n post it here.lolx.
come down n try lorh. ^^

Todae is a good dae. Becox... I slept for 12hrs... so long nvr had a good slp... 3am slp.3pm wake up. Shiok^^

Anyway, is my luck changing...=D feng shui lun liu zhuan? fridae went to amos house gamble.
Its a miracle that i won money from gambling, when i have lost every single time. =D

N, those looking for job, come down to toa pa yoh ichiban sushi interview larh! we need pple now, plus i wan pple i noe to work dere too =D. etc: cathryn,ZC, n dat dumb entertainer.Come now,now,now. tsktsk.

omg larh... i gt no time to meet up my frens... =.= Shall hav a full day off on one fridae to go rollerblading with monkey=D...


Alan at 3:34 PM